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Aboriginal Art
This mob, the Arrernte Aboriginal Group of Central Australia have their own server to tell the world about their art and culture !. A mix of the commercial and pure information, the site works well, with a stunning amount of work and research being put into it and after checking out their didjeridu page (this link), have a look at the rest of their well laid out site ! The site has been trimmed up and downloads well - good on ya, you mob !

Beeswax Kiss
The Yidaki page is actually based in Sheffield, England but for all that, a great resource for WAV & AIFF sound files of didj work from the Arnhem land area of the N.T. Try a few out in your own country - if it sounds great in Sheffield, it should be fine anywhere. Good on ya, Mr. Brown !

Charlie McMahon
A one-armed white fella from Sydney is an unlikely candidate for the most famous didj performer/promoter in the world but then, Charlie McMahon is not your usual one-armed white fella. If you haven't heard of this bloke, go here NOW !. For the rest of us, lots of downloads, lots of info, a great looking site. Blow Charlie, blow... Update: Chris Grundy has put together a great site on Charlie - thanks for the url from Roland at

David Hudson
David Hudson, a tireless didj player, promoter and artist extraordinary of the Ewamin - Guguyalangi people of Nth Queensland. Not a large site but some great art and lots of info on his 10+ albums, his didj videos and on his custom made didjs. Seems every where you look on the web these days, there's a bit of David Hudson involved. Well done, bro

Didgeridoo Sound Design and Crafting
An interesting German site dedicated to new methods for the planning and crafting of Didgeridoos with freely definable sound. All the information you could want on designing your own didjerido to your own preferences - including the Computer Aided Didge Sound Design software. Dreamtime was never like this !

A West Australian based online distributor of both finished and "bare" authentic termite hollowed didjeridoos (specialising in Mallee Eucalyptus). Each didj is carefully described and any work attributed - they also add that all their instruments are tested by musicians. Lots of info about how to select, buy and play a didj - a very informative and well put together site.

Didj Territory
Didj Territory is a dynamic Aboriginal Art business operating in Australia's Outback Katherine Region , Northern Territory Australia specialising in the sales of didgeridoos on the World Wide Web. They also sell some paintings and, you guessed it .. log coffins !!

Didjeridu List
The amazing, incredible Didjeridu List ! A would be student from Oakland, California, Toyoji Tomita originally built this site at Mills College. Tomita has since gone on to become a professional musician but the site is being recreate/rejenuvenated by Lee Parker. A graphically spare but resource rich site on anything you could think of to do with didjeridus ! Lots of links, lots of opportunities to get involved and an amazing faq on the whole thing (150 kb of html!). Check it out !

A well researched and informative site on didjeridu, featuring lots of links to some of the more popular and well known players such as Charlie McMahon and Steven Kent. Problem is, the whole thing is one long page and it takes a while to load.

Dreamtime W3
If anyone is in doubt about the popularity of the didjeridu, wander along to Didgeweb - the Interactive Home of the Dutch speaking Didgeridoo society ! While there is both English and Dutch translations of info and links concerning the didjeridu, one suspects that the Dutch version is more complete. Well set out, good load times and lots of useful tips. Good work, Roland!

Ed Drury
This didj teacher and author from Portland, Oregon (!!) has set up this small but busy site of didj resources, including sound bytes (WAV's), instructions on how to play, information and further links. Good resource.

LA Outback
Barry Martin and Mark Dunn of LA Outback have put together this slick site for their didj and artefact business in, you guessed it, LA ! Not much free content but if you are even thinking about an online commercial aboriginal site, check these guys out. For sale are didjs from just about every possible material (agave, bamboo, traditional and modern), over 20 cd's, tote bags, carvings etc. This site gets over 200 hits per day and promotes aboriginal culture throughout the world. Good on ya guys !

Peter Lister
------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ In the authors own words, "these pages are intended as an introduction to the traditional music, and in particular the use of the didjeridu in traditional music within the Top End of the NT". This is not a commercial site - it is primarily an educational resource. Good site, with lots of maps and information on the music and culture of the northern central part of Australia. Great to see this sort of information coming online !!

Wandoo Didgeridoo is a small West Australian business born out of passion and respect, passion for Didgeridoos and the Australian bush and respect for the Australian Aboriginal community. Mainly features work from the Dickerson family of the Yamitji country near Mount Magnet in the Western Australian outback. Online sales and lots of information on mulga wood yidaki.

An Adelaide company, Yidaki-doo is a major Australian wholesale exporter of quality didgeridoo's and accessories to the world. They have been involved in promoting and providing top quality didgeridoos for many years; well before the instrument gained its general recognition of the last few years.



An aboriginal theater company in the Australian Capitol Territory trying to "maintain the link with respect and integrity" between traditional aboriginal culture and new forms of artistic expression. Just part of the large Ausdance site, this small site is of interest to those looking for info on modern Aboriginal theater

The website of Djalu Gurruwiwi, renown yidaki craftsman from the homeland centre of the Galpu people at Ngaypinya, Arnhem Land. This site is an amazing example of merging the ultra tech with high tradition. Heavy use of Flash and music files, the site offers a wealth of factual information and also sells local art such as Djalu's own yidakis and paintings.

Gadigal Information Service is the home of Koori Radio 93.7fm, the inner Sydney indigenous radio station broadcasting a great mix of International and assorted Indigenous music from around the world and across Australia. Named after the traditional owners of the inner-Sydney area, Gadigal Information Service (GIS) also is a strong promoter of the Indigenous community of Sydney and this site has lots of information on local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander events, celebrities and issues. Great stuff !

News, technical info, schedules etc. for Central Australia's Aboriginal owned commercial television station.

This is the site that really made us think about the possibilities of streaming. You'll need the flash/shockwave plugin to view the site, and a reasonable amount of patience but iIt is definetly worth it if you have any interest what so ever in Aboriginal multimedia .Superb graphics, great sound track - featuring David Hudson and Ash Dargan. What their relationship is with Indiginet (if any), I don't know, don't really care - this is great stuff !

One of the leading players in the development of global indigenous internet and multimedia development - at least by their own admission... Lots of links, lots of information, lots of homepages. Definitely a site worth checking out !

For over a century, the South Australian Museum has been deeply involved in and committed to the collection, study, display and interpretation of Indigenous cultures in the Australasian region. The Gallery has recently put many of it's resources online in a 'virtual gallery' - to strengthen its relationships with Aboriginal communities, to continue its dialogue and consultation with them and to increase their involvement in the collection, presentation and interpretation of their culture to the public. Check it out !!

Message Stick
Message Stick, as part of the ABC’s commitment to Indigenous content, is a tremendous resource for accessing information about the ABC's Indigenous production across Radio, Television and the Web. It offers direct links to all the ABC’s Indigenous programming and offers the opportunity for browsers to give feedback on any of these shows. Message Stick has been a powerful force in modern aboriginal art and music for a number of years now and this website is an excellent introduction to their expertese

Py Media
Put out by the Anangu Winkiku Satellite Network of South Australia to promote and expand their already active media interests. Lots of background info, sound bytes of some of the interviews they have put to air, a weekly broadcast schedule and even a map. Site has recently been optimised and loads well.Great work, you mob !

We recently heard from RTR-FM in Perth who host the Aboriginal programme Bordak Bordak Ngalla (Listen to Us) which airs every Wednesday from 9a-10a hosted by Barry McGuire and Clo Bullen. The aim of the programme is to give an insight into indigenous music, spirituality, bush medicine, health, cultural wisdom and stories from the people. The beauty of it all is that you can listen anywhere in the world via their live streaming web site

Situated on 25 acres of land owned by the Tjapukai people at Caravonica, north of Cairns, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is a stunning theatrical interpretation of Aboriginal culture from the beginning of time into the future.Their website explains their history and vision and how to visit or become involved. One of - if not THE - first "Aboriginal Cultural Attractions", still going strong.

----- DEAD LINK 01/06 ----- Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Association has just celebrated their third aniversary of broadcasts on the Eastern side of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Read a brief history and check out their program schedule, then check out their site !. No webstreaming yet but with a little bit of support, who knows .... If you are in Whyalla or passing through Port Pirie, tune into 5UMA 89.1 FM

Warlpiri Media
The Warlpiri Media Association is a non-profit community organisation managed by a locally elected indigenous management committee. WMA employs both kardiya (non-indigenous) and yapa (indigenous) staff who work together to create and broadcast local media as well as media for a broader regional and national audience. WMA is housed in Yuendumu, with offices in one room of the adult education centre at Yuendumu. The location, however remote or basic, has never prevented them from producing award winning media or from incorporating new technology into production.

White Cockatoo
The White Cockatoo Performing Group was created by the 'Kunbjorrk' didjeridu master Mr. David Blanasi and senior songmen Jack Nawilill and David Yirindilli.White Cockatoo's performance credits include appearances at the World Music Institute, New York (1998); at the Expo 2000 World Exhibition, Hannover Germany; at the 2001 Womad festival in Adelaide, Australia and the first National Aboriginal and T.S.I.Festival held at the National Museum in Canberra, October 2001.

Yolngu Boy
A topical story of the clash of cultures and a uniquely aboriginal look at modern Australian culture, the recent premier in Darwin attracted national media attention

Yothu Yindi Foundation
The ancient sound of the yidaki (didgeridu) is a call to all people to come together in unity. The Yothu Yindi Foundation (YYF) is helping the call with a program of education, facilities, research and promotion of the Indigenous music of Arnhem land in North Australia. You are able to support this worthy project by online purchase of CDs, t-shirts and calendars


Finally CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association) has put together a site that is worthy of the pre-eminent force in the recording and promotion of aboriginal music. Very Flash (make sure you have shockwave installed) and lots of content, definetly worth checking out.

Deadly Vibes
The Deadly Vibes site is not an easy site to navigate but well worth the effort. ! Following on from their national radio show and magazine, their website has lots of up to date info, mainly directed at younger aborigines but with relevance for everyone. They've also got a webradio station going and are really starting to promote black music. Check it out !

Now for something completely different - agave didjs (yeah, agave) mixed with tibetan percussion instruments ! You can't get much more multi-cultural than this band !! Lots of sound files (Real Audio), lots of info, lots of amazing graphics and they also sell their amazing didjs online. A frames-based site that requires both java and javascript to be activated in your browser but well worth a look - definitely NOT Rolf Harris !!

Manikay is a fantastic new resource set up by John Burrows of the Center For World Indigenous Studies . Dedicated to the Aboriginal peoples of Arnhem Land whose musical and artistic genius are world-renowned, the focus of this website is a database containing notes and song information from the majority of all commercially released albums and films featuring traditional Arnhem Land music. It is a unique and important contribution to Arnhem land music and deserves your support. Well done, Mr Burrows !!!

An innovative management/recording oufit based in the Northern Territory dedicated to giving top quality aboriginal acts greater public limelight and giving the greater public a chance to hear top quality aboriginal rock. Check out their download pages (ram, mp3 and windows streaming) and online shop.

Tracks of the Desert
Tracks of the Desert is a non-profit incorporated organisation based in Alice Springs who support the music of Christian Indigenous musicians from Central Australia - by recording and distributing their music. With a philosophy to "encourage people to write music in their own Indigenous language", they also record the albums where the musicians live. Forging ahead in leaps and bounds, their website allows you to purchase online or find out more about their small but exciting group of artistes. Great stuff!

Yothu Yindi
No self-respecting links page would leave out the Yothu Yindi site. Lots of things to do and download, though some of the video and music streaming stuff will require a fairly fast internet connection. Well designed, some cutting edge technology (tryout the live 'mixer' page !) and plenty of downloads (shortened versions of the commercial products).


Aboriginal Art Online
Aboriginal Art Online is, as the name will suggest, a company dedicted to putting aboriginal art online.The company was established in April 2000 and is based in Brisbane, Australia. The siteoffers a huge range of paintings, pottery , and prints, mainly culled from the communities and artists in the Top End, Cape York and Central Desert regions of Northern Australia as well as a limited range of music

Aboriginal Art Prints was established in 1996 with the aim of creating opportunities for Australian Aboriginal artists to work in the medium of fine art print-making and to ensure that the interest in, and market for, their prints expands nationally and internationally and refuses to deal with or purchase work from anyone that violates Aboriginal copyright or improperly appropriates Aboriginal imagery

Aboriginal Artwork is run by an entirely Australian team who live right in the Aboriginal art heartlands in the Northern Territory and South Australia. The team focuses on collecting authentic Aboriginal artwork from throughout Central Australia. Some rudimentary ecommerce available

Aboriginal Australia
Aboriginal Australia Pty Ltd runs this very slick site, to promote and sell aboriginal art work. Although very much a commercial site, their philosophy seems to be sharing the wealth with the artists, rather than exploitation.. Loads well, very attractive and a great section on Oenpelli arts. Lots of graphics - well worth a look, if just to see how and why they set this business up.

Aboriginal Fine Arts
Aboriginal Fine Arts (AFA) is a privately-owned art gallery, based in Darwin, which, alongside the ecommerce, the website also features profiles on artists, information on Aboriginal culture and links to other informative sites.

Birrung Gallery
Birrung Gallery ( formerly Walkabout ) is a World Vision Australia initiative that provides unique Indigenous artwork to collectors and art lovers around the world. Through the sale of fine arts, Birrung Gallery raises funds for Indigenous community development, including employment training at our Sydney gallery, scholarships for Indigenous students and preventative health, social, cultural, economic and governance activities in rural and remote Australia.

----- DEAD LINK 01/06 ----- A very contemporary site put out by the Boomalli Aboriginal Arts Co-op Ltd in Annandale, NSW. Their aim is promote aboriginal culture through visual arts, teaching and exposure. They have a newsletter and regular online exhibitions of very modern aboriginal art works.

Creative Native
Since its inception in 1987 Creative Native has grown to become the largest specialist retailer of Aboriginal artworks in Western Australia. It offers a superb range of art and artefacts, boomerangs, didgeridoos, emu eggs; Aboriginal designed home wares and souvenirs.

DESART is an ATSIC funded organization initiated and controlled by Aboriginal producer owned art and craft centres in Central Australia. These centres in turn support approximately 3000 Aboriginal artists and craftspeople, most of whom live on remote communities and homelands dotted around the vast area. DESART is, in effect, the collective voice of the Aboriginal art centres of Central Australia, working towards coordinated development, support and strong representation for Aboriginal art and craft producers.

Aboriginal owned and operated art gallery in South Australia - concentrating on the Utopia region 270 km NE of Alice Springs. Individual pages on the artists, with lots of high quality graphics, and some redementary online sales - a great resource.

Djomi Museum
The Djomi Museum is Maningrida's "cultural keeping place" housing significant artefacts and items of material culture. Djomi is an official museum of the Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory (MAGNT). This site features a online 'virtual' visit which allows you to roam around the museum, focussing on ares of interest. You can even look out the back door ! Fantastic stuff !! Note: This is site is now kept alive by the amazing Pandora Project - an initiative by the National Library of Australia to preserve the networked documentary evidence of Australia.

Jinta Desert Art
Jinta Desert Art Gallery is an established gallery that provides a program of National and International exhibitions and events focusing on recent developments in contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art. With Galleries in Sydney, Alice Springs and Melbourne we have developed a reputation for promoting and encouraging Aboriginal Artists and expanding public awareness of their art and culture.

Australia has two groups of indigenous peoples- The Aborigine and Torres Strait Islanders. Redback Art Gallery, located in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, specializes in the exhibition and sale of art works by these native peoples and showcase the work of a small number of contemporary artists.

A San Francisco and Amsterdam gallery featuring museum quality Australian Aboriginal paintings. The site features extensive galleries of Aboriginal art by Australia's most highly regarded indigenous painters and photo essays on the land, spirituallity, painting styles and culture of Australian aboriginal people. Relatives of Aboriginal artists are respectfully advised that images of artists appear on this site, some of whom may now be deceased.

Established in 1985, the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Association Inc. is an Aboriginal owned and governed non-profit Art Centre located at Yuendumu Community, 300km north-west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Australia. Representing over 160 Warlpiri and Anmatjerre artists, the art centre specialises in the production of a wide range of acrylic paintings, large commissions and traditional ground installations. The Warlukurlangu Artists are renowned for their diversity and use of colour while maintaining the cultural integrity of their work. In recent years the work of Warlukurlangu Artists has featured in exhibitions hosted by the M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco; the Australian National Gallery, Canberra; the Glasgow Museum, Scotland and the Gifu Museum of Fine Arts, Japan.

Rock Art

Official homepage of the Australian Rock Art Research Association, this is a very friendly and unpretentious page for people who are into - you guessed it - aboriginal rock art. A discussion group, lots of links and info, subscription service etc. The rock stops here !

This site gives a good overview of the Archaeology of The Dharawal People of NSW . The boundaries of the research are from Botany Bay to Appin then across country to Wollongong, with particular attention given to the degredation of these sites by acid rain and tourism into the Royal National Park.By Les Bursill JP. AIM. B.A. M.Litt (UNE)

Stone Tools
----- DEAD LINK 01/06 ----- The focus of this web site is a basic appraisal of a collection of Aboriginal Stone Artefacts currently on loan to the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Australian National University from the Australian Museum, Sydney.


Aboriginal Nations
Aboriginal Nations Pty Ltd was established in 1992 as a contribution to the development of Aboriginal Australia that seeks to explore and highlight the cultures, languages and lifestyles of Indigenous Australians. They are heavily involved in animations and intellectual property issues but also aim to collect indigenous stories - some of which are currently available on site and others "under construction" Be interesting to see how this resource develops

Blinding the Duck
A very looong document, the condensed version of this paper was presented at the Conference: Cultural Crossroads - Access and Identity in Sydney 26th November 1997 by Simon Pockley. The theme of the paper is Aboriginal Representation, Censorship and Restriction On-line, and it is an interesting (if a little esotoric) read. Takes a while to load.

Produced by Vic Isaacs Aboriginal Elder 1998, the Corringie Settlement Website is a 'work in progress' documenting the oral history of Corringie in WA.

Koori Mail
The Koori Mail is a fornightly national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander newspaper covering news, images and views of particular interest to Aborigines and Torres Strait Island people, and non-Indigenous people interested in Indigenous affairs. Their website not only allows you subscribe to the hard copy version but also tells how you can contribute photos and articles to this landmark publication.

Lots and lots of Aboriginal writers - over 140 mentioned by name ! Links to bio's, publication history, lots of background and a good resource for anyone interested at all in aboriginal literature - either readers or writers ! Five Stars for OZLIT !

Rikki Shields
Award winning, London based Aboriginal poet/filmmaker/photographer and artist. Originally from Darwin (hey, that's where we live !), the site features lots of graphics and poems from this talented man.


House of Aboriginality
Indigenous copyright issues are the focus of this site from Macquarie University in Sydney. Traces the history of indigenous copyright in Australia, including some famous cases, instructions on how to detect copyright infringements, lots of links , a bulletin board etc. Great resource for both artists and distributors

----- DEAD LINK 01/06 ----- An important resource for all indigenous artists. Newsletters, Vi$copy forms, lots of info and advice from the National Indigenous Arts Advocacy Association Incorporated. A very serious site and definitely the people to contact if you have problems with copyright. Covers art, dance, computer-generated images etc. GO HERE !


The Aboriginal Coordinating Council is the peak administration body for Queensland's Deed Of Grant In Trust Communities (D.O.G.I.T.). If you don't understand what this is, you will have to visit this site to find out ! Very nice flash navigation/front page hides a very conventional, easy to navigate site.

A great site by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Studies in Canberra. Well laid out, great graphics and heaps of info on a variety of subjects including extensive coverage on Native Title issues. Five Stars

Recently updated, this site has some great contacts for NT aboriginal artists. Put up by the Association of Northern, Kimberly & Arnhem Artists (ANKAAA), this is an good resource for anyone seeking 'real time' contacts in the NT aboriginal art world.

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR), is an independent, national network of mainly non-Indigenous organisations and individuals working in support of justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. ANTaR receives no grants from Federal or State governments and is non-party-political. ANTaR has a close and unique working relationship with Indigenous leaderships. ANTaR's purpose has always been to support Indigenous people speaking for themselves, rather than to speak for Indigenous people. ANTaR's Indigenous Reference Group (IRG), comprising Indigenous leaders and prominent individuals from around Australia, provides ANTaR with direction and feedback.

----- DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ The official pages for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission. As one of Aboriginal Australia's top governmental bodies, this site is jam packed with information on a wide range of Aboriginal issues. For an serious questions on Aboriginality as concerns the law and the Commonwealth Australia, go HERE first !. Lots of other info though and well worth having a look by anyone with a serious interest in aboriginality.

AUS Government Indigenous Portal
The Australia Government Indigenous Portal is a small site with the contact details for most of the Federal Government Indigenous bodies. Quite a good resource to start inquiries on any number of Government policy, funding and/or legal organisations.

Aboriginal Languages
There are more than 200 Australian Indigenous languages, most of which have been destroyed or live in the memories of the elderly; some of these languages are being revived by their communities. However, every Australian Aboriginal language is endangered. This site has annotated links to over 130 resources for about 40 languages. About 35% of these resources are produced by Indigenous people. This site was ranked No. 1 of "The Web's Best Sites" for Aboriginal Languages, Encyclopedia Britannica, October 2000 ! Check it out !!

Aboriginal News
Aboriginal News is a new site which specilizes in searching the web and reporting back any links on current affairs as concerns Indigenous Australians. A great idea and hopefully it will be well used by the growing numbers of people who are interested in maintaining links with Aboriginal Australia. Well done !

CAEPR was established in March 1990 under an agreement between the Australian National University (ANU) and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC). In 1999, after review, CAEPR was established as an independent Centre within the University. The Centre is funded from a combination of sources: ATSIC (to 2003), the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (DFACS) and ANU. Agreements with ATSIC and DFACS specify three broad functions for the Centre. These are: 1.To investigate issues relating to the stimulation of economic development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; 2.To identify and analyse the factors affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in the labour force; and 3.To assist in the development of government strategies aimed at raising the level of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in the labour market.

The Center for Indigenous Cultural and Resource Management unit of the Northern Territory University

Central Lands Council
The Central Land Council is a council of Aboriginal people representing their own communities. It is also a statutory representative body representing Aboriginal people in the Central Australian region - an area of 780,000 square kilometres The roots of the Central Land Council lie in the history of the Aboriginal struggle for justice in Central Australia - events like the famous strike and walk off by the Gurindji people at Wave Hill cattle station in 1966. In response to Aboriginal demands, in February 1973 the Commonwealth Government set up a Royal Commission under Mr Justice Woodward to inquire into how land rights might be achieved in the Northern Territory.

This is the link to the Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library - an indispensable resource for anyone interested in online information concerning Australian Aborigines. Put together by Dr T. Mathew Ciolek (ANU), every Aboriginal site already has, or should be putting a link to here. Tons of links and info - a must for any students. Five Stars !!

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
A good site for background info on the Council, it's aim's, strategies and composition. A well laid out site and very fast.

Eddie Mabo
A National Library of Australia research sheet on Eddie Mabo - certainly the most famous Torres Strait Islander this decade, if not this century. Pretty wordy in places (good resource for aspiring lawyers here) but some interesting photos of Eddie as a young man etc. and lots of background info for us lay people. Good resource.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation of Languages (FATSIL) aims to have Indigenous languages recognised as core elements in the development of all policy and legislation relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia. Not only does this website help you get involved, it has a wonderful resource in the "Language of the Month" section which details many aboriginal language grooups around the country and is growing - every month !

The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) is an independent Commonwealth statutory authority which was established in 1995. The ILC receives its funding from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Fund. The ILC's two main functions are to assist indigenous peoples in Australia to acquire land and to manage indigenous-held land in a sustainable way to provide cultural, social, economic or environmental benefits for themselves and for future generations.

Koori Mail
Through the work of correspondents in every State and Territory, the Koori Mail is helping to document the contemporary experience of Indigenous Australia, as well as reinforcing and reminding all Australians that 'White Australia has a Black History'. Every fortnight they print news, images and views of particular interest to Aborigines and Torres Strait Island people, and non-Indigenous people interested in Indigenous affairs.

Koorie Research Center
Begun in 1964, the Koorie Research Center at Monash University (Melbourne) records the traditional and contemporary life of Australian Aboriginals. Lots of research papers and info on the teaching program they run - a great resource !

The National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) is a Commonwealth Government body that facilitates the making of agreements among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, governments, industry and others whose rights or interests may co-exist with native title rights and interests. The Tribunal is not a court and does not decide whether or not native title exists.

As the State's peak representative body in Indigenous affairs, the NSW Aboriginal Land Council aims to protect the interests and further the aspirations of its members and the broader Aboriginal community

Northern Lands Council
Northern Lands council. This site outlines the struggle for Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory of Australia and the role of the NLC. Lots & lots of good content on issues affecting all North Australian aborigines and including Native Title (Land & Sea), strategic goals, press releases. Very attractive site to boot - if you thought Aboriginal agencies just 'wasted' their grants, check out this site before you get too carried away....

The Torres Strait Region Authority is a federally funded, indigenously administered body which aims to strengthen the economic, social and cultural development of the Torres Strait to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people living in the region. The TSRA can provide help with funding and/or support for proactive business and social ideas in the region - all the contact details are on the site !


Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc. (ARDS) is an Aboriginal organization incorporated under the Northern Territory Associations Act, and the community development arm of the Northern Regional Council of Congress (NRCC). The NRCC is the Aboriginal and Islander Presbytery of the Northern Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia.

When the people of Cape York defined the guidelines for establishing a community development organisation, they identified partnerships as the key ingredient to the organisations’ success. The people wanted the organisation, (now Balkanu) to work closely with other organisations to ensure that the people of Cape York received: 1) access to the best available expertise 2) services in an effective and efficient manner 3) participation in quality unique projects created in harmony and unity. Balkanu bases its operating style on these concepts and pursues collaborative approaches in all its work. Collaboration is evident in the nature of Balkanu’s relationships with local groups, all levels of government, industry, community and research organisations.

Budamurra Bunan
Budamurra Bunan is a group of Aboriginal Dancers and Musicians living in the Ulladulla District. The group was formed as a result of an Aboriginal enrichment program run by the Ulladulla Local Aboriginal land Council.

------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ Forster Local Aboriginal Land Council covers a geographical area from the Pacific Ocean in the East to the Central Highlands beyond Gloucester in the West, from Seal Rocks in the South to Hallidays Point in the North. Approximately 500 Indigenous people live within these boundaries with the majority of the population residing in the Forster/Tuncurry area

------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ KIS is an initiative of the Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre, Kununurra and the Kimberley Language and Resource Centre (KLRC) in Halls Creek NT. It was established following the recommendations of a feasibility study conducted in Kununurra in 1999. KIS is happening and deserves your support.

------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ The Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women's Council was formed in 1980. The idea for a women's organisation arose from the South Australian Pitjantjatjara Land Rights struggle in the late 1970s. During consultations over land rights the women felt that their needs were not being addressed so they established their own organisation. The Council's region covers 350,000 square kilometres of the remote cross border region of WA, SA and the NT. Anangu (Aboriginal people) living on the Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara lands (Western Desert language region) share strong cultural and family affiliations. The Council has 3000 women members.

OUTBLACK caters to Indigenous Australians / Torres Strait Islander Gay & Transgender Sister Girls living in Victoria. All Indigenous Australian / Torres Strait Islander Gay and Transgender Sister Girls are welcome with their partners and friends for social functions and outings. OUTBLACK has a Support Group which meets to discuss issues and strategies in the advancement and interest of the group. Members are welcome to participate. Venues for activities are communicated by mail or phone.

------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------- The Redfern Aboriginal Warriors - Australian Aboriginal youth website from Redfern, Sydney - is aimed at young people 12 to 24 living in "the Block"-Redfern and surrounding areas. The RAWW site included a process of workshops and activities regarding the young peoples attitudes and values surrounding drug use and misuse; as well as services and support that exist in the local area for them

The Aboriginal Hunter
The website's key objectives are to provide a single window access for the aboriginal community to government and community agencies providing information and services to aboriginal communities in the Hunter region of NSW. The theme for the site is "respect our culture, respect our people" which they believe captures the essence of the Hunter's Aboriginal community, while maintaining the integrity of their Aboriginal heritage.

Wadeye (pronounced Wad-air) (Port Keats) is a tribal Aboriginal Catholic community situated on the western edge of the Daly River Reserve in the Northern Territory. Flying time is around 50 minutes. During the wet season Wadeye is cut off from the outside world for up to five (5) months. You shouldn't have to wonder why they put this site up !! Good onya !

------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ The Yamuloong Association Incorporated is an Aboriginal owned and Aboriginal managed company. Yamuloong is located on the land of the Awabakal people in the Hunter Valley. Situated on 7 acres of land that is central to all the surrounding areas of Newcastle, Yamuloong Incorporated provides an atmosphere that combines both Traditional and Modern values. The name “Yamuloong” is from the Awabakal tribe and means “coming together”. Yamuloong’s vision is: “To become a leading provider of education, training and employment services working together to build partnerships between cultures.”

Yarrabah is a small community with just over 3000 people, it is about a 45 minute drive (37km south ) from the city of Cairns. In 1986 , Yarrabah Community received its Deed Of Grant In Trust land tenure status making the Yarrabah Community Council self governing. The Yarrabah Council is committed to raising living standards in Yarrabah and is responsible for major projects, housing, community buildings, roads, training, licences and permits. It comprises seven elected Councilors including a Chairman. Its management and administration is headed by an appointed Council Clerk.


This site maintains that Aboriginal heritage is beyond value, that no child should be deprived of it's richness and that they will strive to ensure that all Aboriginal children are safe in a caring and secure environment. Sounds hard to argue with - and a well presented site to boot ! Aboriginal Family Support Services is a community-based and controlled organisation in South Australia but worth a look by anyone interested in Aboriginal fostering/child welfare.

Aboriginal Education and Employment Services
Put together under teh aegis of the Department of Education and Children's Services, South Australia, this site almost explodes with the quantiy and quality of resources, informationa and aids for anyone interested/involved in Aboriginal Education in Australia. This is public money well-spent !!!

Anangu Education Service
Anangu Education is the service provision unit within the Aboriginal Lands District, of the Department of Education and Children's Services, that provides education services for communities situated within the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, the Maralinga Tjarutja Lands and the Yalata Lands. A great resource for anyone wanting to know more about indigenous education in northern South Australia

Well respected Australia wide, Batchelor college offers a wide range of courses and services at a Tertiary level .This page gives you a run down on the college itself but we hear CAAMA and Batchelor College are putting together a much more ambitious site for launch around July 1999. As CAAMA is Australia's premier Aboriginal Music purveyor and Batchelor is one of the premier Aboriginal colleges, we eagerly look forward to the 'virtual' amalgamation.

Enfield School
------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ Based in the Enfield Primary School in South Australia, this Aboriginal Education unit has produced an excellent site for all of us interested in Indigenous education. Lots of resources, lots of info, lots of links and a well-designed, easy to navigate site. Great stuff !

Frontier Education
This website is designed to compliment the ABC's Frontier documentary series by the exploration of Aboriginal history. Lots of student and teacher resources covering aboriginal history from different periods (1788-1830; 1830-1860; 1860 to 1938). A hugely relevant site to all australian's and anyone interested in the 'real' history of Australia and a great teacher's resource for those in the position to spread the word.

Koorie Center
The aim of this Sydney University site is "to encourage and support the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in all aspects of tertiary education" High aims but they certainly are putting the work in - a good resource and information center for all Koories and especially those in and around Sydney who are looking for tertiary education.

Kumbari Ngurpai Lag Higher Education Centre
An initiative of the University of Southern Queensland, the Kumbari / Ngurpai Lag Higher Education Centre is located at USQ's Toowoomba Campus. The main purpose of the centre is to encourage and assist the further education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Lots of information about courses and funding and lots of information for on-going supprt

The National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) has a philosophy which integrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies into a dance arts course in which performance is fundamental. It is a professional dance training course that makes every effort to address and meet the bi-cultural needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island student in order that each person be successful in the: a) school, b) work force and c) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Pipalyatjara & Anangu School
This site presents the small SA outback school at Pipalyatjara, which caters for Kindergarden through to year 11 for Pitjantjatjara speakers with limited English skills. The sties gives a good overview of what the school is about, the local community, the history of the Anangu people and the flora and fauna of the surounding desert


The Brisbane-based Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA) is a community organisation owned and managed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and has been active in issues including Native Title and Aboriginal self-determination since its foundation in 1977. FAIRA is very involved with breaking isues in Native Title and Human RIghts as regards ATSI people.

Gundjehmi (Mirrar)
------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ A well constructed site which discusses the issues of the Mirrar people in their fight against Ranger Uranium and the NT Government over the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine in Kakadu. Lots of background info, ways to get involved and some stunning photos of what could be lost. A must for anyone with an interest in this vital issue

Manbuynga ga Rulyapa
In late 1994 the senior lawmen of north east Arnhem Land prepared a document to persuade the Australian people and governments that their law and traditions about management of the seas should be the publicly endorsed and a legally sanctioned marine protection strategy for the seas they call Manbuynga ga Rulyapa established. The Manbuynga ga Rulyapa Steering Committee, which speaks for the Yolngu people of north-east Arnhem Land, has been for some time now offering itself to both the Federal and Territory governments to work together in establishing a marine protection strategy for the Arafura Sea.

Native Title Website
In 1992 the Australian High Court finally recognised that Australia was not simply an empty piece of land when the Captain Cook sailed up the coast in 1770 and claimed the eastern half of a continent which had already been occupied for at least 40,000 years as a piece of British real estate. This website takes on the heady task of explaing the history and proposed future of Native Title.


Based in Canberra, the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) is a professional organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students and graduates from across the country. The site has a small profile section and all the contact details for the Association. Very minimalist but tasteful - I think these people are busy ...

The Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) is a forum for community controlled health services in the Northern Territory of Australia to lobby for positive changes to the health of Aboriginal people. Besides being a strong advocate for the rights of Aboriginal people to gain greater control of their health and their lives, AMSANT also provides a focus point for professional and interested parties in the aboriginal health issues of the Northern Territory. Great Resource

Aboriginal Health Au
MedAu Clinicals' aboriginal health page. Sparse and not very aesthic, the Clinical Articles section has only three articles - but true 'finds' - a background/insight into aboriginal health , a clinical training manual (Pitjantjatjara culture) and a short strategies guide for working in aboriginal health. I am not a health worker but it seems informative and very 'hands on'. Be good to see more articles ...

Apunipima Cape York Health Council advocates for the health needs of Cape York communities. The strategy adopted by the organisation is a systems advocacy approach where the primary aim is to move Cape York society beyond passive welfare dependency which, along with a severe alcohol and drug problem, is fundamental to poor indigenous health in the region.

Australian Aboriginal Health InfoNet
The sites' stated aim is to contribute to improving the health of Australia's Indigenous people by making relevant, high quality knowledge and information easily accessible. An ongoing project, the site is collecting and collating a wealth of information and history on the pressing issue of Aboriginal health. A great resource that really demonstrates what the internet is all about. Well done !

The Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses (CATSIN) was founded to formally represent Indigenous nurses, with a commitment to increasing the numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in nursing. Not a particular aesthetic site, it is a good one to keep up with the contact details and events calendar of CATSIN

Danila Dilba
------ DEAD LINK 01/06 ------ Danila Dilba Medical Service runs an effective free health service for the aboriginal community in the Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding areas of the Northern Territory of Australia. Not only a great site for the locals, this site is a well organized and put together summary of the many concerns we all have with aboriginal health issues. Good on ya, keep up the good work !

Small but effective site with a good run down on the Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC) who cover the top end of Western Australia from Broome up ! Some discussion papers on relevant health issues and a positions vacant section. This sort of information is part of the greatness of the web.

The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) is the national "peak" Aboriginal health body representing Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services throughout Australia. In other words, these guys are the king pins for the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS), which is a primary supplier of medical, nutrition and health counselling services in remote and/or isolated communities. These healthcare service are initiated and operated by the local Aboriginal community to deliver holistic, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate health care to the community. Well presented site, easy to navigate and lots of info on how NACCHO works. These people do great work - well done.

This section of the Australian Federal Government Department of Health and Aging Office webiste is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH). mainly good for contacts and mission statements, there are some good links pages

QLD Government Publications
The Queensland Governments Indigenous Health Publications listing. Only a few there downloadable pdf's there at present and it looks like it hasn't been updated since 2002 but it might be helpful to somebody out there and there is the hope that they will start updating it again soon ! Hey, we support Aboriginal equality - we have to be optimistic !

Wuchopperen Clinical Services
The Far North Queensland based community health organisation has the stated aim to improve the health status of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders through the provision of culturally valid holistic primary health care services. Very slick website, well presented, fast and easy to navigate. First class site.
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